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FOX News
Apr 19, 2013 5:00pm PDT
quote by a government, heard believes its russia. i think that's probably right although there is an outside chance it might be israel. the fbi got a tip on this guy. that you are looking at right now. tamerlan tsarnaev that he was a radical and that he travels back to russia for six months he comes back here and the fbi says he is clean. obviously he wasn't.
Apr 20, 2013 4:30am PDT
year, and one of the questions is the older brother went back to russia for six months. what was he doing there? and then there's word that the fbi actually questioned the older brother at the request of a foreign government. so the fbi had contact with one of the men now suspected of setting off the bombs at the boston marathon. did they miss something? >> well, john, it's a tough question. at some level the answer is yes, because they talk to him and then he becomes involved in an terrorists attack. there will be an assessment and they will walk through what they did right and what they did wrong, all the way down from the watertown police. and they interview a lot of people, the fbi. they want a wide circle, and that will include a lot of people that are not criminals are not going to be prosecuted. the other thing if he did not say anything actionable in the interviews. >> they talked to him at the request of a foreign government. we don't know why. but what types of reasons might a foreign government have for asking the fbi to talk to this man? >> again, this is all in the area
Apr 28, 2013 10:45pm EDT
about it i had never heard of many famous black person in russia at this time. in fact, to this day if you ask a reasonably educated russian person to name the most famous black person is almost certain they will say it was a brown hannibal who is famous because he is a great great grandfather of the russian writer but lived in the 18th century so there were no other famous black people whether from africa directly or the caribbean or the united states who lived in russia prior to 1917. the famous trips of the representatives of the harlem renaissance of people like langston hughes that was in the soviet period. i was intrigued like to find dead curious new fact i began by a google. nothing came up so i used to russia and the search engine and what came up was the same sentence that started me off but i was intrigued so i spent several months digging through yale university's library in they came up with very little and what i did was contradictory but then i was hooked and had a wonderful gift which was a yearlong sabbatical i decided to try to figure out who this man was so i did
Apr 28, 2013 3:00pm PDT
with someone who may have been one of her sons. why did russia wait until a few day ace go to turn over that information? would the fbi have done more if it had that information sooner? our experts fwhaeg on that. the only man that knows a motive behind thees keeping his mouth shut today. the suspect is staying quiet, dzhokhar sar nef. boston's baseball caps piling up at the memorial for the victims behind meear from the emotional visitors for the next two hours here on cnn. meantime, let's get to the latest. attorney general eric holder taking some heat for defending the timing on reading the boston bombing suspects his miranda rights. white house core departments and at the white house correspondents dinner last night holder spoke exclusively to cnn about his decision. athena jones has more from washington. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder under fire from republicans for agreeing to a judge's decision to read the boston bombing suspect his miranda rights. dzhokhar has since clammed up. valuable sfogs out of reach. speaking to cnn holder answered that for t
Apr 29, 2013 1:00pm PDT
that there w trainer. >> the real test omwf it, whether he was radicalized or not is russia. we have to do a lot of investigation in russia because when he over to russiaback things brother. >> so is this just a sneaking /í suspicion, or is there actual evidence to t we'll talk to one the men concerns former attorney bair the biggest plot that investigators have to look at on how this all came together? >> my opinion is it's the certain signature i'reports, "wall street journal," abc news cnn and on that there -- the police areking at this as a sophisticated device wnot precisely internet plans that76 magazine. if that's the case, there's a master bomber out there. if there is a master bomber is he in bag dag aastan or ishe's in the united states there's chance he could strike again. i'm waiting an fbi age thing was. >> soviewed a cabdriver. he picked up the tsarnaev brothers he department homeland security officials have interviewed him and are reportedly taking his story seriously, he picked them up the day before the in massachusetts. they had two knapsacks wh
Apr 25, 2013 1:00am PDT
on a jihadist in russia. he was on the youtube channel after he came back from russia, he met with former members of the sector who -- did they teach them to make bombs? we don't know. >> we just had a young person who went to russia and chechnya that blew people up in boston. he didn't stay where he went but he learned something where he went and came back with a willingness to kill people. >> there's also the shadowy figure known as misha, the russian name would be michael who may have helped radicalize the older brother. again, may have. the suspect's father, not the mother, who's wanted on shoplifting charges here will be flying to boston possibly tomorrow or friday. we're learning about how the two brothers lived and where they got their money. allegedly from selling drugs. that is a theory that law enforcement is working on. they don't have specific evidence on that. we'll find out more details tonight. many new developments as well as this. boyleston street, which has been a crime scene for a week and a half became a city street again. there's a memorial set up on copley square jus
Apr 27, 2013 6:00am EDT
think in 2004, the terrorists took over a school in russia. is that city part of chechnya? or part of russia? it is a russian school. the terrorists murdered in the end -- 180 children lost their lives. i remember calling the white house personally and i talked directly with condoleezza rice and i told her, now is the time that we can establish a close and positive relationship with russia. recruit them to work with us in areas of mutual interest that we could not do before. now is the time to stand with these folks. send president bush over there to stand next to putin and say americans stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of russia and the government of russia in opposing and feeding those who would murder children in order to obtain their political edge. as we have seen in boston, the young man who put the bomb down did so by an eight-year-old boy. the answer was evident that no, the president did not go there. how many people here know that the russians have built a monument in memory of the people who were killed? right across from where the world trade center was, there
Apr 21, 2013 9:00am PDT
brother, was in fact questioned by the fbi because russia says he may have ties to an islamist terrorist group. >> right. my understanding is russian intelligence service contacted the fbi and said you have an individual that has potential ties to extremism. that he was interviewed by the fbi in 2011 and let go. and after that time is what's very interesting is that the older brother travels back to russia. his father lives in the chechen region. he spends six months there. he comes back. one of the first things he does is puts up a youtube website throwing out a lot of jihadist rhetoric. clearly something happened in my judgment in that six-month timeframe. he radicalized at some point in time. where was that and how did that happen? i'm very concerned. that six months is very important. why is the fbi interview important? because if he's on the radar and let go, he's on the russians radar, why wasn't a flag put on him, some sort of customs flag? i've done this before. you put a customs flag up on the individual coming in and out. and i'd like to know what intelligence of russia has on
Apr 28, 2013 7:30am EDT
, if you will. that information came from an agency in the government of russia. there has been speculation that it came from the russian fsb, but the fbi has never said specifically that it came from the fsb. weecision is made, should launch an investigation? that decision was clearly affirmative, yes we should, but what kind? the fbi is governed by a series of different kinds of investigations. following watergate about a zillion years ago, the fbi was uncovered by a series of guidelines that determine what the fbi can do in the various stages of investigation. those guidelines were greatly lessened, the cumbersome as of it was made easier:9/11. there are three different types of investigation. the fact that can determine how much reasonable suspicion of a threat is attached to the placement in each of these three categories, and there are tools available in each category that are not available in the others. there is also, because of the fact that this may have come from a law-enforcement agency or law-enforcement data, that the fbi may have opened a foreign police cooperation case, whic
Apr 27, 2013 4:00pm PDT
after the investigation said russia intercepted a the accused boston bombers and someone who may have bun one of her son es discussing jihad, again, russia intercepted a communication in 2007 between the mother of the accused brotton marathon bombers and one who may have been one of her sons discussing jihad. the source described the conversation as vague. they turned it over to the fbi in the last few days. the source was not aware for a reason of the delay and did not offer an opinion of whether it would have given the fbi enough reason to justify a closer look at tamerlan tsarnaev. there's a little more information here but i want to get to our tom fun tes who has information on this and suz zan candiotti. let's go to tom. tom, what does this tell you of an intercept of a conversation here. where does this take this conversation now? well it just was received in the last couple of days that they intercepted the conversation. the shame is that, you know, in 2007 when the first letter came from the russians, the investigation was conducted at that time, they did not provide the under
Apr 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
of the implementation of many items on the agenda here in the nuclear order. russia, china and the united states for obvious reasons, and perhaps not so obvious reasons. really will create the necessary conditions for the progress, if not the sufficient conditions, on nuclear disarmament, on nonproliferation, including in the role in the u.n. security council, but also the role in the nuclear suppliers group, the nuclear fuel cycle in many ways, and nuclear industry where russia and china are perhaps the countries with the two most ambitious plans for further development with nuclear energy. so these three countries are absolutely indispensable and their cooperation is going to be necessary for progress, and so that's why we want to have such insightful speakers as rose gottemoeller, alexei arbatov and general yao yunzhu here to address you. now, i should say from the very beginning that two of our colleagues are acting officials from the government, rose and general yao. that means that among other people they report to the president. which also means if i get tempted to ask a question that i s
Apr 26, 2013 8:00pm EDT
would say that i think it is very important for us to continue to talk to russia. russia could really make a difference and helping to resolve this serious, terrible situation, where people are being killed every day. >> how many incidents? how many incidents have -- do you understand? >> i cannot get into that. >> secretary kerry said there were two. >> you got it then. i can't, because i got in a classified setting. >> do you think a red line has been crossed? >> i think that at this point, we have to keep evaluating where we are, and is a very serious situation. it is not about our country being involved. it is about getting all the countries involved and attempted to resolve this issue. it is a serious issue. you have issues involving immigration with different countries. you have turkey and jordan and evolve. this is a serious situation where you have a lot of in these camps and tents, without food. there is violence the goes on. there are a lot of issues that go on. >> you think that -- what are the challenges with syrian terms of if he were to engage with them? >> first, i don'
Apr 25, 2013 12:00am PDT
. from boston to russia. first, breaking news on an apparent breakdown involving the government and suspect tamerlan tsarnaev. we know that russia warned the fbi about him. and now a government official says russia also alerted the cia about tamerlan, asking spy agencies look into his shift toward extremism. and tonight new reports the cia recommended adding tamerlan to a terrorism database. what happened next? >>> also in dagestan, the parents of the suspects were interviewed by officials at the u.s. embassy, and the father reportedly will be flying to the u.s. as early as friday. possibly to assist in the investigation. at the same time, we're learning more about the older brother's trip back home. cnn's nick paton walsh is in dagestan. and thousands attended the service of sean collier. and tonight some extraordinary scenes, incredible and deeply emotional sight, just a few feet from the marathon finishing line. a memorial to the victims, people leaving flowers and cards, stopping to pay tribute to the lives so brutally taken and so many who were so badly wounded. but we're c
Apr 23, 2013 10:00am PDT
of that exchange. >> was your department aware of his travels to russia, and if you weren't, the reason? >> the travel in 2012 that you're referring to? yes, the system pinged when he was leaving the united states. by the time he returned, all investigators -- the matter had been closed. >> is it true that his identity document did not match his airline ticket, and if so, why did tsa miss the discrepancy? >> there was a police match there. by the way, the bill will help with this because it requires that passports be electronically readable, as opposed to have being been manually input. it really does a good job of getting human error. >> so there you hear secretary napolitano answering that question from senator grassley. all of this is also important because senator graham said yesterday that tamerlan's trip to russia last year was undetected by the fbi. he say his was told that by a senior fbi official. obviously it sounds as if secretary napolitano is saying his travel was known inside the department of homeland security, which is leading senator grassley and other senators of capit
Apr 28, 2013 5:00am PDT
on the investigation from russia. officials there have turned over a wiretap recording from 2011 to the fbi. it is of one of the boston bombing suspects, it is of their mother apparently talking on the phone about jihad. and it's believed that she may have been talking to one of her sons. remember, russia asked the united states to investigate tamerlan tsarnaev back in that same year, 2011. now, the fbi did. and he, tamerlan, was added to the watch list along with his mother. joining me now to talk more about the investigation is tom fuentes, a cnn law enforcement analyst and also former fbi assistant director. good morning to you, tom. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> after the news broke i instantly thought that i really wanted to talk to you because it's still unclear when this call was made, when it was intercepted, but it may have happened and may have been the motivation for russia to ask the united states to look into tamerlan tsarnaev. what they heard on that call may have prompted them to ask the united states to do that. so if the fbi had known about that call and
Apr 22, 2013 9:00am PDT
to russia a year or two ago and therefore got sort of lost in the system. we were asked by the russians to monitor him and effectively vet him as a potential terror suspect and one of the reasons he may not have been vetted as thoroughly as he would have been is because of a misspelling of his name. do you have anything on that? >> i think that conflates possibly two issues. one is that they were not really asked to monitor hill. the russians said here's this guy, we think he may have become radicalized. the bureau says that they looked at his communications, looked at everything they could under the limited legal authority they have in these circumstances and ultimately interview him and members of his family and said to the russians, we don't find anything here. can you give us something more to go on? and they say the russians never responded. that's 2011. then he takes the trip to russia in 2012. it was initially claimed that he went on an alias, perhaps there was a misspelling of his name. in any event there's a record of his travel to russia. it shows up in his immigration documen
FOX News
Apr 23, 2013 10:00pm PDT
of his travels to russia? and if you weren't, the reason? >> yes. the system pinged when he was leaving the united states. by the time he returned, all investigations had been -- the matter had been closed. >> after having talked to the fbi, they told me they had no knowledge of him leaving or coming back. the name was misspelled, so i would like to talk to you more about this case, how this man left works he went. and when we say there was no broader plot here, i just don't know mao -- how in the world we know that at this early stage. >> this son the first time we heard of this, a misspelling on a watch list. he should have been on a list if we had the potential threat. >> and bin laden said the war was receding and we are all safe. >> new information tonight about the surviving bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. he remains in custody in a boston hospital. we are live outside the hospital with the latest. eric. >> good evening, greta. dzhokhar tsarnaev is now in the hospital behind me. he has been since the shootout. we are told he's getting better hymns condition is upgraded from se
Apr 22, 2013 11:00pm PDT
this go? did that six-month trip to russia, that the 26-year-old, now deceased, suspected terrorist or bomber, did he receive bomb training there? we -- you know, you can't quit and just say, okay, we've got two guys, we're done with it. let's move on again. as you know, today they had another incident, it took place in canada. they had two individuals that were plotting to bomb trains up in canada. and between the rcnp and the fbi and other agencies, they were able to stop that. just like here in the united states, we have to figure out how far ranging that plot was and where do they get that inspiration? >> and when you go back through the histories of big cases, like the rosenbergs, it's rare a person operates without talking about it or sharing. i'm not saying there are accomplices, but there probably are in some cases. this guy has bbs all over his room. the wife of the older brother. i would be looking at all of this, potentially, as people involved. it's common sense, isn't it? i want to bring in phillip here. your thoughts about that. >> look at two pieces of that. first, im
Apr 29, 2013 2:00am PDT
trail in russia with secret recordings traced to the suspect's mother. >> and new heights for new york and actually for the nation. a live look at the skyscraper rising from the site of the fallen twin towers about to become the tallest in the western hemisphere. >>> good morning to you. welcome to "early start." happy you're with us this morning. i'm zoraida sambolin in new york. >> and i'm john berman live in boston. it's monday, april 29th. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. we're back in boston this monday morning following all the latest developments in the boston marathon bombing investigation. our lead is reconstructing exactly what happened in russia. the fbi is now working with russian security officials to piece together suspected boston bomber tamerlan tsarnaev's every move during his 2011 visit to russia. investigators say they believe the tsarnaev brothers were likely self-radicalized and used the internet to make their bombs, but they are still looking at the possibility that other people in russia or in the u.s. may have been influences or accomplices. among these people, their
Apr 8, 2013 6:30pm PDT
by chancellor merkel. russia is the partner nation at this year's hanover fair. >> if only relations between germany and russia were as unencumbered as ms. robot -- as ms. robot -- this robot. it can even fly. but then it crashes. chancellor merkel attempts to rescue the situation. >> i'm sure it was my steering that confused the poor dragonfly. >> it was difficult for the day. the jokes fell flat. the mood never really thought -- thawed as angela merkel and vladimir putin made their way around the trade fair. when it comes to the economy, there is no reason for the long faces. more russian firms are showcasing their work in hanover than ever before. and put in noted is not -- putin rooted it is not just firms in the energy sector being noticed -- putin noted it is not just firms in the energy sector being noticed. russia has already announced that important deals have been made, but is not giving details until the end of the fair. putin and merkel traded a few personal gestures. it is clear that relations are not at a high point. >> the current relationship between berlin and moscow is far
Apr 8, 2013 8:30am EDT
of the toughest markets, including russia and china, have also been cases i mentioned before that publicly and privately that an open economy and a level playing field is not just in our interest, it's overwhelmingly in their interest to develop their economies and to develop their countries. and open innovative dynamic economic system requires institutions that are open, free, transparent and fair as well. when country stick to the rules of the road, globally, they tend to build better institutions at home. this requires the kind of reforms that can secure any countries long-term stability and prosperity. that's how a level playing field and the global economy supports values would like to see everywhere. free exchange of ideas, free enterprise, transfer to, anticorruption, the rule of law. we take these issues very strangely. we also take seriously the need to attract global investment and the united states. in the past that's been an easy sales pitch. america has long as, still has the most productive workers in the world. we are the best research universities in the world. we have a ru
Apr 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
the suspect still at large. he is 19 years old, the brother of suspect number one. he is from russia, chechnya. he has been in the u.s. for about 10 years. this photo was taken born a robbery at a 7-eleven in cambridge last night. >> many residents in the area witness the car chase and the explosion with the suspects. here's one resident described in what he saw and what he heard. >> the shootout with police in the up with the death of older brother and a lot of residents heard this trace and heard the explosion and the gunfire when this went down. >> i thought i heard firecrackers. i heard gunshots and then i saw the explosion. i actually saw a black suv go down the street. it looked like it had hit a police car and they were just shooting at a. i must occur about 60 gunshots. >> what was the explosion like? >> it shook my house. >> supporters are urging residents and watertown, new town, waltham, bill mott, a cambridge and boston austin bryson neighborhood of boston to stay indoors. all mass transit has been shut down. >> they're want to make sure there are no innocent bystanders on the stre
Apr 24, 2013 5:00pm PDT
reporting on that. we also have reporting as well on a jihadist in russia's dagestan region whose video was on tamerlan's youtube channel. a guy who met with foreigners during the time that tamerlan was in the region and say local police helped train them in bomb-making. significance of it we're looking into. we also know that secretary of state kerry suspects an overseas connection. listen. >> we just had a young person who went to russia and chechnya who blew people up in boston. so he didn't stay where he went, but he learned something where he went and came back with a willingness to kill people. >> there is also the shadowy figure known as mischa, russian name for michael who may help rat radicalize the older brother. and the parents will be flying to boston tomorrow and that the fbi has interviewed them and others already back in russia. now, the mother who left the country several years ago with a shoplifting charge hanging over her. so unclear how that might figure into her traveling back here. will she actually be arrested and face charges here? we don't know. we are learning
Apr 28, 2013 9:00am PDT
intelligence panel. and red flags rising, russia's repeated warnings to the u.s. about tamerlan tsarnaev, too little information or not enough listening? former under secretary of state and russian expert nicholas burns and former secretary of homeland security michael chertoff look at all the angles. then -- >> was there really this stove piping? i think that's an issue that needs to be explored. >> i think those individuals who are critical of the fbi, they were wrong. >> investigating the investigators with our panel, representatives bennie thompson, marsha blackburn, debbie wasserman schultz and jason chaffetz. plus, kicking back after a rough couple of weeks, the president headlines the white house correspondents' dinner. >> i've got 99 problems and now jay-z's one. >>> i'm candy crowley and this is "state of the union." first, we want to go to the latest on the boston bombings investigation. a u.s. official says russia wiretapped a 2011 conversation between the mother of one of the accused boston bombers and someone who may have been one of her sons discussing jihad. russia turned over
Apr 27, 2013 10:00am EDT
in the 1990's as the province saw independence from russia. many chechnya's fled to other parts of the region and into central asia. pakistan was not directly involved in the war but has certainly been affected by them and is now a hotbed of rad islamic activity. there are reports of chechnya's fighting in afghanistan and chechnya and the networks in europe. a qaeda has made recruitment priority and they were thought to have been trained in pakistan. the appearance of chechen fighters assad of the northern caucuses is ominous. the original uprising against russia was secular and nationalist. within this context there would be no motive for chechnya and exiles to attach united states. especially after we have given them sanctuary. obviously some chechnya's have had their world view radicalized, as was the case with the two boston terrorists who turned from young people being raised here into a jihadist mentality of global war against ininfidels. why is it happening? what outside forces have saw to transform the northern caucuses in central asia into a region of muslim extremism that did not ex
Apr 22, 2013 10:00pm PDT
, of course, as you know, tamerlan, her husband was in russia for six months last year. and that i think will be the driving force behind the investigation going forward. >> yeah. erin mcpike joining us in boston with the latest. erin, we appreciate it. thank you. we are also getting new information on tamerlan tsarnaev who was killed in the manhunt, as you heard us just discuss with erin. >> as brian todd reports, his beliefs and his behavior took a radical turn in the run-up to the boston attack. >> reporter: new information on tamerlan tsarnaev's perspective on islam. january 18th, friday prayers at the islamic society of boston's mosque in cambridge. a mosque leader is giving a service, ex-tolling the virtues of the profit mohammed and martin luther king jr. according to mosque officials, it was too much for tamerlan tsarnaev. >> some people said that he said something to the effect that you cannot, you know, compare or make a parallel between a prophet and a non-muslim. some people said that he referred to the person who was giving the sermon as a hypocrite. >> reporter: he says the
Apr 23, 2013 4:00pm PDT
, about three months later, he decides to go to russia. so that's one of the reasons they are going back and they are looking at this because they do believe that the victims knew who the killers were and they are very clear to say killers, plural, that it wasn't just one individual that did this because, you have to remember, this man brendan mess, he was a mixed martial arts expert. so he would have been able to fight back had the situation presented itself. but instead, he was brutally killed along with two other people and one other thing, erin, at the crime scene, investigators found the bodies of the victims strewn with marijuana and cash that you would have expected to have been taken during a robbery. that was left behind. several thousand dollars worth. erin? >> that might imply some sort of an inside job or dispute among people working together. do they have any idea what the motivation was? was it some sort of a drug deal or not? did investigators ever talk to tamerlan when the crime actually first happened? >> you know, all good points. first of all, there's no indication tha
Apr 29, 2013 9:00am PDT
forces have raided a jihadist group with possible ties to the suspected bomber, tamerlan tsarnaev. russia says two of the jihadists were killed in the raid in dagestan. the mother of the bombing suspects just this morning told cnn she will come to the united states if she can see her son, dzhokhar. the moment she steps on u.s. soil though she could be arrested on outstanding shoplifting charges. the mother is increasingly becoming a focus of the investigation after russian officials gave the u.s. a wiretap of her possibly discussing jihad back in 2011 with one of her sons. and we're learning more about the so-called mystery man accused of radicalizing the older tsarnaev brother. the u.s. official telling cnn the fbi has interviewed someone named misha about his association with the tsarnaevs. a writer for the new york review of books tracked the man to a modest apartment in rhode island that he shares with his elderly parents. the man denies brainwashing tamerlan tsarnaev and says he has spoken with the fbi and given them his computer and cell phone. now to the surviving suspect in the bo
FOX News
Apr 19, 2013 11:00pm PDT
was part of it. dad was in rushiasm the older son, the one getting more violent, angry, going to russia. i think that this is not just two young men who went online and decided to go hurt people. i think there is a much bigger pattern here and other connections. >> first one daughter and then another was set up in an arranged marriage. >> arranged marriages. >> one of them was badly beaten and filed for divorce. she talked about allah, a lot. >> the mother, yeah. >> and the lessons of the koran, which is not unusual. it doesn't mean you are radical. >> no, no, no. of course not. but when you add the other things, the conspiracy theories and the september 11 thing, america wants to hate muslims and go to war against islam. i know, it's all the signs -- >> she and her husband had been political activists in russia. >> that's what the mother said. when my friend said, why did you leave chechnya, my husband and i were political activists and my husband did some bad things and so we had to come here. >> does that connect the dots? >> it is starting to. is there a connection to chechnya? thereis
Apr 21, 2013 3:00pm PDT
his personal youtube channel. he created it in august shortly after an extended visit to russia. there are increasing questions about how the fbi handled its investigation of tamerlan tsarnaev. they did not follow up after that trip to russia last year. the very latest on the investigation from our crime and justice correspondent, mr. joe johns. joe joins us from washington. joe, no charges today for sure. does it have anything to do with the fact that they haven't been able to talk to him. >> that's an interesting question. you are right. it could be soon for the charges. it may be important to say that the authorities are reporting that they are not able to interview the suspect. he is in serious condition at the hospital but important also to say, don, that not is being able to interview a defendant hasn't stopped the feds from filing charges before. it could still happen. that's a pretty common practice, because sometimes defendants have lawyers who intercede and say investigators can't talk to this defendant. it is not that different a situation necessarily, don. >> we have
Apr 23, 2013 11:00pm PDT
alive. three months after that murder, he went to russia. he was never questioned, by all accounts, by any police who was originally investigating that case. >> and, obviously, now, an open case. >>> nick, you know, we do know tamerlan returned from russia and the united states after about six months, he started doing something he hadn't done before, posting to his youtube channel. what do you know about that video and to give us a sense of whether it could be an important link here? >> well, we know he took down the video sometime before the bombings took place. it's an indication he knew it might be some kind of use to investigators or it might point a finger to what he had been doing here or the connections he had made. it's not the kind of big-name, jihadist leader that a lot of young, want-to-be leaders will post jihadist. it's kind of interesting to post that video of that man. this is a relatively small area. could he have met with him? could he have met with some of his supporters? it's really quite a serious possible, erin. >> nick, would it have been easy for him to learn
Apr 23, 2013 5:00pm PDT
to russia, including hot beds of radicalism. there's also the interest a year earlier that russian authorities showed in his activities. however, back home the focus on him faded. the lawmakers now want to know why. secretary napolitano getting grilled on capitol hill today, including this from republican senator chuck grassley of iowa. >> was your department aware of his travels to russia, and if you weren't, the reason? >> the travel in 2012 that you're referring to? um, yes. the system pinged when he was leaving the united states. by the time he returned all investigations -- the matter had been closed. >> is it true that his identity document did not match his airline ticket and if so, why did tsa miss the discrepancy? >> there was a mismatch there. >> well, there was that and there was also more. now with what else we know and what more we still do not. >> tamerlan sar nevada first hi hit the radar in 2011. >> they sent a letter to the fbi and other agencies that we think this guy has become radical. you need to watch him. >> an fbi statement said the question from russia was
FOX News
Apr 24, 2013 12:00pm PDT
suspects after the fbi questioned him in russia. plus police say a shooting at a home left five people dead and a 6-year-old girl in the hospital. details on the dramatic search for the suspect all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city. the dead boston bombing suspected wanted the biggest, loudest explosives he could get. that from the clerk who told him the fireworks that may have been used in the attack. the new details coming out as investigators try to piece together how it happened and critical warnings were ignored. the fbi is pushing back against claims russia issued warnings about the dead suspect. officials say they received one warning that tamerlan tsarnaev might have extremist ties. after intel hearings on capitol hill, lawmakers say russia gave the u.s. repeated warnings, one after the fbi determined the suspect was not a threat. that's raising the question, did russia give the information to other u.s. agencies which never shared it. catherine herridge is joining us. we'll start with jonathan hunt live in the s
Apr 30, 2013 10:00am PDT
, six-month period is when tamerlan tsarnaev went to russia. while he was in russia, away from his wife and child, the family was getting welfare benefits for that entire year. so indirectly tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev were receiving benefits as being part of those households, both parents, first, and katharine russell with tamerlan, getting public assistance benefit as a member of katherine russell's household during the entire year of 2012 until november of that year. >> katherine russell, though, correct me if i'm wrong, her family back in rhode island prominent, well-to-do family, is that right. >> >> reporter: that's right. her father is a surgeon. we were in their neighborhood yesterday. my colleague, erin mcpike covering the situation with the family. you can tell by going into the neighborhood they're not poorly off at well. fairly wealthy people. still we have information from the state officials now na last year, for much of last year until five months ago, wolf, you can assume when she was at least living part time in that apartment in cambridge, that see that was receivin
Apr 29, 2013 4:00am PDT
with russian security officials to piece together tamerlan's every move during a six-month visit to russia. and even though they believe the brothers were self-radicalized watching online videos, they are still looking into the possibility that other people maybe in russia, perhaps in the u.s., may have been influences. among the people investigators are looking at, the mother, and tamerlan's wife katherine russell, who converted to islam when she married him back in 2010. the bombing suspect's father has now postponed his trip to the united states. he told russian state media that he's in a hospital because of what he calls a blood pressure spike. of course, today marks two weeks since the day of the boston marathon. two weeks since the terror attack. and two dozen people are still in the hospital recovering. bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is now at a medical facility for federal prisoners. he's locked up in a tiny cell west of boston. our pamela brown is live there in devens, massachusetts with the latest. good morning, pamela. >> good morning to you, john. new developments this morni
Apr 20, 2013 2:00am PDT
on the web how how chechnya ought to be independent from russia. this is a century's old dispute between moscow and the russian republican, the southern tier. but that doesn't mean they're connected to the conflict. there is no evidence we have seen publicly of any ties to any well-?oan groups. so we're speculating to some extent, and it could be something completely unrelated. >> i was struck of struck during the reports today, as best their friends could tell, they were both thoroughly american, especially the younger brother. friends were recalling his sport achievements. he was in the drama club. he went to the prom. these were not sort of isolated people who would sort of held themselves out outside of society. >> cheshians have not had a beef with american. they're not thrilled with us -- >> with russia. >> theor beef is with russia. but it's not been an anti-american type of movement up until now. >> we did learn that the older brother in recent years had become-- had come to take islam much more seriously. he actually married a christian woman but then she converted. and accordin
Apr 28, 2013 8:00am PDT
syria to boston to russia. and here to discuss the fallout, mike rogers, ranking member dutch ruppersberger, jan schakowsky, along with jeffrey goldberg and martha raddatz. martha, let me begin with you and let's start with syria and this week, administration discovered some evidence of chemical weapons used in syria. describe the evidence. >> i think it sounds like pretty strong evidence. they got hair samples, tissue samples from some of the victims. they're at least 30 people died in aleppo alone that believe that's traced to the nerve agent sarin. they don't have the change of custody. they believe the assad regime is responsible for the deaths. but they don't know how yet to track that. we have people on the ground. the u.n. is not on the ground to trace that change of custody for proof. >> they say the evidence is not conclusive. that's why they need further investigation. several weeks. >> we have people on the ground, it dissipates quickly. it could take longer than that. >> mike rogers, you have looked at a lot of this evidence, is it conclusive for you? >> it is. we
Apr 10, 2013 5:30pm PDT
to the sea of japan and to the yellow sea. >> translator: we've asked the u.s., china and russia to use all possible channels to urge north korea to stop its provocations. >> u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel says the actions of the north korean leadership are unpredictable. he says u.s. forces are ready for whatever happens. >> our country is ready with whatever contingency action that north korea makes. >> saying they will only make themselves more isolated if they go ahead with a launch. the north koreans' actions have created a guessing game for people in the asia pacific region and the world. experts are trying to read between the lines and determine if the north's leaders intend to back up their threats with action. one such expert is gordon flake, who's been watching the region for decades and is the executive director of the maureen and mike mansfield foundation in washington. he shared his insight on how the situation has been perceived in washington and the possible u.s. reaction. >> well, the obama administration has a very difficult task. they need to, on the one hand, balance
Apr 20, 2013 12:35am PDT
of the two suspects who lives in russia spoke over the telephone. he denied his sons' involvement and said they were framed. he made a plea for his sons to surrender peacefully, adding if he is killed all hell will break loose. >> he could not say enough how innocent, how kind his sons both are. >> reporter: father continued to speak throughout the day. >> he said, surrender, i want you to come home alive, you have a bright future ahead of you. >> reporter: at midday, the lockdown still in full force. residents on edge peeked out windows, prisoners in their own homes. >> our doors are locked. our windows and shades are drawn. >> you know, really desolate. >> keep the doors locked, not open the door unless there's a uniformed, identified law enforcement officer on the other side. >> reporter: people now being told they may have to stay in their homes through the weekend. by afternoon, the fbi removed a computer hard drive from the home of his sister. and after a full-day chase, authorities lifted the lockdown. >> none of those leads have been fruitful -- >> reporter: but then a break in the
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